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Chris Hansen – To Catch a Cheating Scumbag

Oh….this is so delicious. The uber investigative reporter Chris Hansen is busted by the National Enquirer for having an extramarital affair with this blond bimbo from Florida, Kristyn Caddell. Hot off the wires…the King has acquired the exclusive video by … Continue reading

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Uh Oh…..look out world, the Military Industrial Complex needs new Markets

The King found this article in the LA Times.  It is quite disturbing.  It seems the Masters of War are lamenting the fact that wars are declining somewhat (although you would never believe it reading the media coverage) and are looking … Continue reading

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Harlem man accused of stuffing grandma in closet is charged with murdering transvestite prostitute

BY MELISSA GRACE AND OREN YANIV The King normally does not do Crime….but this story is fascinating.  A look into the deep dark soul of, if the allegations are true, of a total genuine maniac! A Harlem man accused of killing his … Continue reading

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First Clear Pictures of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh showing injuries

Tough being a dictator these days.  His buddies were not overly pleased with him so they did what any self respecting Yemenite would do…..blew him up at Friday prayers.  Wish more countries would solve their political problems this way. Mr. … Continue reading

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