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The Hero and the Traitor

This has been a big week in the lives of two people. Stanley McCrystal the  disgraced military general was cleared of all charges for his acts of treason. Gee, is that any surprise? In the history of the usa has any … Continue reading

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Vittorio, How Do You Like Us Now?

Thursday evening, the murder of Italian human rights activist Vittoria Arrigoni, whose mutilated and partially burned body was found in an abandoned Gaza home, hours after a Salafist Muslim group had given Hamas until 5:00 p.m. Friday to release its … Continue reading

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American Police State Assured

Last month the Supreme Court overturned an award of 14 million dollars given to Mr. Thompson for spending 18 years of his life after being falsely accused of murder. Turns out the main culprit is this man: Harry Connick Senior (father of … Continue reading

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Wheel of Karma Rolls over Troops

In a karmic turn of events, 2 US soldiers were killed by their own Drones last week in Afghanistan.  I guess this kinda proves what we have been saying all along that you can’t tell what you are targetting. Interesting … Continue reading

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Pastor Jones and Sapp: True American Heroes

We give a great amount of lip service to freedom of the press and our democratic rights.  Somehow we have allowed the world of Islam to trample all over them. When the Danish cartoonist published his cartoon of Muhamed wearing … Continue reading

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