Harlem man accused of stuffing grandma in closet is charged with murdering transvestite prostitute


larry davis

Crazy as a MoFo

The King normally does not do Crime….but this story is fascinating.  A look into the deep dark soul of, if the allegations are true, of a total genuine maniac!

Harlem man accused of killing his grandma, stuffing her in a closet and taking a hooker into her bed has been charged with murdering a transvestite prostitute.

Larry Davis, 22, was indicted in the August slaying of Richard McCoy, described by sources as a cross-dressing escort.

Davis choked the victim during rough sex and wedged the body under a bed, a source said.

The incident bears parallels to the death of Davis’ grandmother Cora Davis, 76, which was ruled a homicide because of blunt trauma to the neck and spinal injuries.

Her body was found stashed in a closet March 30, when relatives stormed into her E. 124th St. apartment, where Davis was romping with a naked woman.

Davis, who confessed to “bumping” into the elderly woman, was indicted on a second-degree manslaughter charge for her death.

“I believe they didn’t indict him on murder because of the difficulty in proving he intended to kill her,” said his lawyer Bryan Konoski

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime/2011/06/15/2011-06-15_charges_for_thug_in_male_escort_slay.html#ixzz1PNb0v06P

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