First Clear Pictures of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh showing injuries

Tough being a dictator these days.  His buddies were not overly pleased with him so they did what any self respecting Yemenite would do…..blew him up at Friday prayers.  Wish more countries would solve their political problems this way.

Mr. Saleh was burned over 40% of his boddy, schrapnel lodged below his heart and his genitals severly mangled.  Ouch….that’s got to hurt.

Here is is in happier days.


Ali-Abdullah-Saleh before they burned his ass up

Little did he know that only a few hours later he would be picking shrapnel from his chest and groin?

Ali-Abdullah-Saleh showing burns

Ouch.....after his ass was burned up.

This picture was acquired thru the King’s closely guarded resources….all He can say is that his Security Team is actually propping him up.

Shortly after this picture was taken President Saleh had his bandages changed and his scream for Allah and alternately his Momma could be heard a kilometer away.

Perhaps he now regrets not signing that document giving up power….they were actually going to let him go with Amnesty!

Hopefully, the King will be able to post more pics of Politicians, Dictators and the other scum of the world covered in third degree burns….fitting.

Here is a little video I found:

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23 Responses to First Clear Pictures of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh showing injuries

  1. Aref says:

    r u kidding me. no way that guy in the picture is the president Ali. let me ask u? how did you get that picture? as far as we know, president Ali under maximum security guards and no one can see him or visit him. what about taking pictures of him??????? its impassible.
    what i can see in the picture is that man knows that someone taking picture of him and the other guy next to him is helping him by holding him siting from the back to take the picture. how come the president gonna let them to do that?

    • kingofirony says:

      Aref, my Brother;

      The King has his resource and He is not at liberty to divulge them. Don’t believe everything you hear in the mainstream media. There are many in Saudia Arabia who despise him and though he is under protection, as you can see from the picture, it just doesn’t go that far. He is being held up by he security team! Moments later, as they changed his bandages, he cried out for his Momma and Allah…. alternating them diplomatically.

  2. The picture is not for Saleh, but one of the victims of Gaza
    The link below to confirm

    • kingofirony says:

      Malek…My Brother….what a little detective you are….I went to that link and it is not the same picture.

      O Yeah of little faith.

      Believe in your King.

  3. Marwan says:

    the image is stolen from the internet.

  4. Marwan says:

    link does not fit

  5. AREF says:

    It dose not belong to our president .

  6. yemeni says:

    rstein9 stop stupid rumors >>> this photo for a man from Gaze in 2009 >> don’t try to look smart

  7. ames says:

    This is not the image of the man with Palestinian Akram Abu Rocca Open this site and you will see the difference is like similar to the Yemeni president to a large extent

  8. Piss off 'Tard says:

    This site seems to be under the control of a racist idiot and that party is abusive of those that are his better.

  9. genta says:

    didn’t know it’s a bbq party..and we’re having dictator meat… that is just delecious

  10. RealDemocracy says:

    Fuck the jews

  11. efiejfeuif says:

    King of irony wdf? are you retarded lmfao, ‘Believe in your king’ stfu you 10 year old aka virgin aka son

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