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Irony of the Week; Clinton

Here it is, your irony of the week. I saw America’s head witch, Hilary Clinton, on the talk shows Sunday.  She was running those jumbo lips about how Gadaffi and all his cronies will be brought up on war crimes … Continue reading

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American Media Nuclear Frenzy

Yes the situation in Japan is dire.  There are problems at the nuclear reactors. Do we really need the hysteria though? Today it is being widely reported that the ocean near the plant is now Radioactive. What is not being … Continue reading

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Chris Brown’s Hysterical Breakdown

It was broadly covered in the press and on tv that Chris Brown had a violent outburst after his interview on the Today show where they asked him about his legal problem over beating the shit out of his girlfriend. He … Continue reading

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Charlie Sheen’s Jet Fuel = Nepotism

Charlie Sheen, the star of Two and a Half Men (and what is with that homely looking boy that plays the half?  Not only is he hard to look at but he has zero talent and can not even keep … Continue reading

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Barak Obama and the Midnight Visit from the MIC

Or should I say Barak OBomba a…..what’s up with all those bombs and missiles in Libya?  You used to be such a laid back dude with all your talk against the Afghan and Iraq wars. Well, I may be able … Continue reading

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Hilary Clinton; Can She Tell the Truth?

No Blood Money was paid to get Raymond Davis released. If you believe that, then I have something I would like to sell you! Mrs. Clinton repeatedly denies that money changed hands for the release of Davis.  When the entire world knows … Continue reading

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Pakistan; America’s Lap Pig

One day after the murderer Raymond Davis was released, 30 Pakistanis were killed by our glorious armed forces using the Drones. The  Pakistanis sure make good pets.  We kill their citizens, we bomb them from 30 thousand feet and they … Continue reading

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