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One Less Scumrab…or?

Well the world was advised by a jubiliant president that our Navy Seals have assinated Osama Bin Laden…….or did they? If  this is true, it will be the first success the CIA has  had since its inception. The problem is the … Continue reading

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The Hero and the Traitor

This has been a big week in the lives of two people. Stanley McCrystal the  disgraced military general was cleared of all charges for his acts of treason. Gee, is that any surprise? In the history of the usa has any … Continue reading

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Pastor Jones and Sapp: True American Heroes

We give a great amount of lip service to freedom of the press and our democratic rights.  Somehow we have allowed the world of Islam to trample all over them. When the Danish cartoonist published his cartoon of Muhamed wearing … Continue reading

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Barak Obama and the Midnight Visit from the MIC

Or should I say Barak OBomba a…..what’s up with all those bombs and missiles in Libya?  You used to be such a laid back dude with all your talk against the Afghan and Iraq wars. Well, I may be able … Continue reading

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Hilary Clinton; Can She Tell the Truth?

No Blood Money was paid to get Raymond Davis released. If you believe that, then I have something I would like to sell you! Mrs. Clinton repeatedly denies that money changed hands for the release of Davis.  When the entire world knows … Continue reading

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Pakistan; America’s Lap Pig

One day after the murderer Raymond Davis was released, 30 Pakistanis were killed by our glorious armed forces using the Drones. The  Pakistanis sure make good pets.  We kill their citizens, we bomb them from 30 thousand feet and they … Continue reading

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Raymond Davis; Ugliest of Americans

Raymond Davis the CIA Contractor who killed 2 “robbers” has been set free. The utter diregard for laws of other countries continually amazes the King of Irony.  How Pakistan could release this guy after he defied their internal laws. Just … Continue reading

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