Steve Jobs – Entrepreneur and Super Cheap Skate

Steve Jobs died yesterday at 56.  He was a world class entrepreneur, yes it is true.

Steve Jobs gives hand sign for how much he has donated to charity over the years.

But did you know the man was a moral trainwreck?  Not only did he never in his life donate one cent to charity….but they had to sue him to get him to recognize his DAUGHTER that he had out of wedlock.  He refused to acknowledge her and it took a court case to make him pay her a little support.

Great Entrepeneur and businessman…..YES

Overall Tight Wad and Moral Trainwreck YES!

Maybe if you hadn’t been so cheap in your life the good lord would have let you live a few more years!




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Mystery of Hank Williams Jr. Cap Solved

Myster of Cap Solved

Mystery of A on Cap Solved!

There has been much speculation recently about the King of Trailer Trash, Hank Williams Jr., over the well worn cap that he wears.

Some proclaim the A stands for Atlanta Braves while others put forward the notion that it stands for Alabama University.

The King of Irony thru his confidential contacts has discovered that the A actually stands for ASSHOLE.  Who would have guessed?

Now that we will no longer be accosted by his dulcet tones on MNF…..since it turns out that he really is an ASSHOLE and has the political slant of a mideast dictator.

You won’t be missed trailer-trash dude!

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Cheney Mason Sums it Up; Gives Finger to Media

Cheney Mason Tells the Press What He Thinks

The true hero of the Casey Anthony Trial is attorney Cheney Mason.  Pictured above indicating to the media just what he thinks about them and their hysterical coverage of the trial.

The King is amazed at the brainless media and how dissapointed they are with the verdict.  Especially the Trailer Trash Witch, Nancy Grace.

Casey is going to be rich…..the worthless Prosecutor, Jeff Ashton, whose imcompetence is only matched by his hubris…..better look for another job.

All in all the King is suprised that Casey got a fair trial especially in Florida….and especially in front of the Bozo Judge, Belvin ‘the pervert’ Perry.

However the King makes the prediction that within 5 years, Casey will be back in prison for something.  Just like OJ, every scumbag Prosecutor in America will be after her, and like OJ, she will probably be railroaded on some trumped up charge to get a Prosecutors revenge for incompetence.

A Bad Week for the Prosecution

Cyrus Vance, the other low life Prosecutor is also looking for another job after he totally blew the DSK case.  And so it goes.

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Belvin Perry Jr. – Most Arrogant Jerk in America

Belvin Perry Jr. is affirmative action in action.

A fine example of Affirmative Action

This arrogant bozo of a judge should be shining shoes somewhere and certainly not sitting in judgement over anyone.  This is a shining example of Affirmative Action without which Judge Perry would be delivering letters for the post office or in jail.

Whatever happens, because of Bozo the Judge, the appeals court will be the ultimate decider.  So many flaws – Just one; Bozo allows the Prosectution to put these huge screens up all over the courtroom where they play a slide show of the little girl morphed into the skull they found….over and over again.  That is unheard of in a courtroom so incredibly prejudicial…that alone will get her conviction overturned and a new trial in front of a real judge, not a Clown.

Why continue the trial over the weekend costing the state of Florida triple time on everyone involved.  So the arrogant jerk of a judge can be on national television on Sunday… other reason.

And what is with that Anthony trial anyway….the King just doesn’t understand why Casey gets a 4 week trial and some poor  black lady gets a 10 minute trial for the same thing?

American justice is so incrediby skewed, it is unbelievable.

Today they reduced the bail for DSK, turns out the ho that accused him was indeed a ho.  Turns out she lied on her Asylum Application….look for her worthless ass to be deported back to Ghana where the slut belongs.

DSK is an arrogant jerk…..but what the American Criminal Justice system did to him was outrageous…..and so typical of a police state.  Some slut makes an accusation and they immediately arrest the guy…..then they investigate.

Back to Perry.  Some guy in the audience very subtly gave the prosecutor the finger….this arrogant out of control scum sucking Judge put this kid in jail for 6 days.

Yo Judge….I got both hands raised in the bronx salute and you can suck my weiner if you don’t like it.

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Chris Hansen – To Catch a Cheating Scumbag

Oh….this is so delicious. The uber investigative reporter Chris Hansen is busted by the National Enquirer for having an extramarital affair with this blond bimbo from Florida, Kristyn Caddell.

Hot off the wires…the King has acquired the exclusive video by the Enquirer:

Hansens' Bimbo - Krystin Caddell

Chris Hansen

White Trash Hansen busted with Bimbo....not wife.

The Wheel of Karma Hurts

This scum dude goes around entrapping men to come and visit with some supposedly underage decoy. Many of his “busts” have been thrown out of court because of obvious entrapment issues.

Thank you Enquirer for showing this white trash trailer raised pompous jerk for what he really is.

The man has the morals of a junkyard dog…..I hope this brings him lots of joy and happiness in his homelife….the King is sure is lovely wife of 23 years is not too upset. Not.

Here is the story:

Are people just trying to be ironic nowadays? Chris Hansen, the host of To Catch a Predator, was recently caught cheating on his wife with a girl 20 years younger than him. To Catch a Predator is a TV show that baits child molesters and sexual deviants by enlisting volunteers to pose as under-aged children in internet chat rooms. The “children” bait sexual wierdos into showing up at a house for some good ol’ fashioned sex with a kid, but then Chris Hansen walks out and humiliates them on national television before they get arrested. You’d think someone who did this for a living would be a little more careful about how they conducted devious behavior in their personal life, right? WRONG. Chris Hansen, who is married with two children, was recently caught by hidden cameras romping around town with this delectable Florida journalist:

Here is a link to the Enquirer story:

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Uh Oh…..look out world, the Military Industrial Complex needs new Markets

The King found this article in the LA Times.  It is quite disturbing.  It seems the Masters of War are lamenting the fact that wars are declining somewhat (although you would never believe it reading the media coverage) and are looking for New Markets…..Jesus…who is next?  Maybe they can instigate a war between the Koreas…the Chinese will make money selling the North weapons, and we will loose money defending the South and the Masters of War will clean up big time!

Before reading it we need to establish some definitions.

New Markets = Other Countries to Bomb/Invade
Masters of War = Military Industrial Complex 

Just a few lyrics by Bobby Dylan to get you in the mood for this story:

From Masters of War by Bob Dylan

Come you masters of war
You that build the big guns
You that build the death planes
You that build all the bombs
You that hide behind walls
You that hide behind desks
I just want you to know
I can see through your masks.

And I hope that you die
And your death’ll come soon
I will follow your casket
In the pale afternoon
And I’ll watch while you’re lowered
Down to your deathbed
And I’ll stand over your grave
‘Til I’m sure that you’re dead.

By W.J. Hennigan, Los Angeles TimesJune 15, 2011, 8:55 p.m.

With the Pentagon’s appetite for new weapons shrinking, U.S. arms makers are finding lucrative markets overseas as demand for American-made weaponry hits an all-time high.
Despite intense international competition, U.S. arms manufacturers (Masters of War) are expected to sell a record $46.1 billion in military hardware to foreign governments in 2011, a nearly 50% jump from $31.6 billion last year.
The boom is drawing fire from arms-control advocates, who worry that weapons are going to volatile regions of the world and could end up in the wrong hands.Pentagon officials defend the sales, saying they are carefully regulated by the U.S. State and Defense departments to protect national security and are key tools in maintaining good ties with U.S. allies.

A Very Good Client

“As a country continues to strengthen its ability to defend its borders, to protect itself and, potentially, to operate with partners in the region or with the U.S. — all of that strengthens the U.S. from a security perspective,” Navy Vice Adm. William E. Landay III, who oversees foreign military sales, told reporters last week.

India signed a deal Wednesday for the purchase of 10 BoeingC-17 military cargo jets that will be built in Long Beach, highlighting the growing number of multimillion- and billion-dollar sales to foreign governments around the world.

read the full article here:
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Harlem man accused of stuffing grandma in closet is charged with murdering transvestite prostitute


larry davis

Crazy as a MoFo

The King normally does not do Crime….but this story is fascinating.  A look into the deep dark soul of, if the allegations are true, of a total genuine maniac!

Harlem man accused of killing his grandma, stuffing her in a closet and taking a hooker into her bed has been charged with murdering a transvestite prostitute.

Larry Davis, 22, was indicted in the August slaying of Richard McCoy, described by sources as a cross-dressing escort.

Davis choked the victim during rough sex and wedged the body under a bed, a source said.

The incident bears parallels to the death of Davis’ grandmother Cora Davis, 76, which was ruled a homicide because of blunt trauma to the neck and spinal injuries.

Her body was found stashed in a closet March 30, when relatives stormed into her E. 124th St. apartment, where Davis was romping with a naked woman.

Davis, who confessed to “bumping” into the elderly woman, was indicted on a second-degree manslaughter charge for her death.

“I believe they didn’t indict him on murder because of the difficulty in proving he intended to kill her,” said his lawyer Bryan Konoski

Read more:

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