Cheney Mason Sums it Up; Gives Finger to Media

Cheney Mason Tells the Press What He Thinks

The true hero of the Casey Anthony Trial is attorney Cheney Mason.  Pictured above indicating to the media just what he thinks about them and their hysterical coverage of the trial.

The King is amazed at the brainless media and how dissapointed they are with the verdict.  Especially the Trailer Trash Witch, Nancy Grace.

Casey is going to be rich…..the worthless Prosecutor, Jeff Ashton, whose imcompetence is only matched by his hubris…..better look for another job.

All in all the King is suprised that Casey got a fair trial especially in Florida….and especially in front of the Bozo Judge, Belvin ‘the pervert’ Perry.

However the King makes the prediction that within 5 years, Casey will be back in prison for something.  Just like OJ, every scumbag Prosecutor in America will be after her, and like OJ, she will probably be railroaded on some trumped up charge to get a Prosecutors revenge for incompetence.

A Bad Week for the Prosecution

Cyrus Vance, the other low life Prosecutor is also looking for another job after he totally blew the DSK case.  And so it goes.

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3 Responses to Cheney Mason Sums it Up; Gives Finger to Media

  1. kickingbird says:

    The King tells it like it is! (cheers and applause)

  2. annie says:

    chenny can only impress himself and so can you.he is along with bozo a low life bastered like you as well as his so called pervert okay?all of you are pathetic and how you can put the state down as low as you did wait until something happens to you you fucker.

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