Belvin Perry Jr. – Most Arrogant Jerk in America

Belvin Perry Jr. is affirmative action in action.

A fine example of Affirmative Action

This arrogant bozo of a judge should be shining shoes somewhere and certainly not sitting in judgement over anyone.  This is a shining example of Affirmative Action without which Judge Perry would be delivering letters for the post office or in jail.

Whatever happens, because of Bozo the Judge, the appeals court will be the ultimate decider.  So many flaws – Just one; Bozo allows the Prosectution to put these huge screens up all over the courtroom where they play a slide show of the little girl morphed into the skull they found….over and over again.  That is unheard of in a courtroom so incredibly prejudicial…that alone will get her conviction overturned and a new trial in front of a real judge, not a Clown.

Why continue the trial over the weekend costing the state of Florida triple time on everyone involved.  So the arrogant jerk of a judge can be on national television on Sunday… other reason.

And what is with that Anthony trial anyway….the King just doesn’t understand why Casey gets a 4 week trial and some poor  black lady gets a 10 minute trial for the same thing?

American justice is so incrediby skewed, it is unbelievable.

Today they reduced the bail for DSK, turns out the ho that accused him was indeed a ho.  Turns out she lied on her Asylum Application….look for her worthless ass to be deported back to Ghana where the slut belongs.

DSK is an arrogant jerk…..but what the American Criminal Justice system did to him was outrageous…..and so typical of a police state.  Some slut makes an accusation and they immediately arrest the guy…..then they investigate.

Back to Perry.  Some guy in the audience very subtly gave the prosecutor the finger….this arrogant out of control scum sucking Judge put this kid in jail for 6 days.

Yo Judge….I got both hands raised in the bronx salute and you can suck my weiner if you don’t like it.

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2 Responses to Belvin Perry Jr. – Most Arrogant Jerk in America

  1. kickingbird says:

    The judge is typical of what’s out there… people who are not worthy enough to snort the pin feathers off my weary ass!

  2. kingofirony says:

    I could not agree more!

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