DSK Wearing Suicide Smock

I don’t know how the NY Daily News came up with this pic, but it is highly prejudicial.

First, I was happy that an arrogant rich jerk got caught up in the American Justice System. I enjoyed seeing him squirm.

Barbaric American Justice

But now that the initial euphoria has worn off I am reminded of what a Barbaric Justice System we have. On only the word of some maid, this man is treated as though he were guilty….no worse, if he were guilty they would send him to prison….which is a thousand times better than Rikers Island.

Thanks to our over abundance of Lesbiatic Predatory Prosecutors, any woman who claims a man did anything to here, no matter what species of skank ho, is believed and the man immediately put in jail, his life totally wrecked….before he even has his first day in court.

So much for our Democratic Paradise.

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4 Responses to DSK Wearing Suicide Smock

  1. ZS Dyllen says:

    “On only the word of some maid.”

    It was not on her word alone, it was on physical evidence.

    Your misogyny is making you sound like an idiot. (Or maybe your misogyny is caused by your idiocy. Hard to separate the two, really.) By your standards, no accused rapist should be detained until after trial. It’s a crime against a person, and you live in a country where people are detained for much lesser crimes all the time.

    • kingofirony says:

      Actually the whole story is getting stranger by the minute. I am totally confused by the term Forced Fellatio, how does one force another to do that without risking great bodily harm…..in other words….Why didn’t she bite him??
      I might mention that not that long ago in the very same city…..5 nypd cops were accused of Rape…real rape with penetration and violence….they didn’t spend a minute in jail.
      So you see, our entire Justice System is out O’ wack.

    • Steven Manning says:

      What physical evidence? How could you possibly know that?
      ZS Dyllen whines that the king sounds like an idiot while ZS Dyllen sounds like a bullshit artist!

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