Ayah Baradiyya – Honor Killing; a Palestinian Tradition

This is a fascinating story about the Palestinian people and their wonderful heartwarming traditions.

And they want their very own country where they will be free to practice their TRADITIONS.

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3 Responses to Ayah Baradiyya – Honor Killing; a Palestinian Tradition

  1. Steven Manning says:

    This is the kinda shit that happens when people believe in the Boogey man. Another shining example of religiousity outa control

  2. hell of a generalization. i guess it’s lost on you, and cnn, that it is PALESTINIANS who also are among those who want their country BACK from those who STOLE it, who are also protesting to have this tradition made illegal. i dig your general angle/goals on this blog. but meting one injustice with another doesn’t help. generalizing and casting the palestinians in the light that you have, amounts to nothing more.

    • kingofirony says:

      Thanks for your comments, Jason. I hate to burst your bubble….but there is zero chance the Palestinians are getting back anything that Israel Liberated from them. I stand behind my generalization….look at Gaza…it is a sewer and that is not Israels fault….. Palestinians are not fully evolved human beings.

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