Schwarzenegger Love Child…First Clear Picture

Our PC media will not show this picure without it being blurred out.  The King of Irony is proud to be the first to display this picture in the USA.

Schwarzenegger Love Child....little Pablocito

The real question is how did our Heroic ex Governor hook up with this hideous looking woman…gee Arnold, you sure could have done much better.

I understand that the anorexic lady you are married to does not look to be much fun but the Maid????

The King is publishing this picture because our paranoid press has got this new thing about blurring out pictures of kids….how ridiculous.

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One Response to Schwarzenegger Love Child…First Clear Picture

  1. Mila says:

    Is not the child’s fault..but that damn..lady..homewrecker..she is nasty!! HOoker…

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