DSK Update – Suicide Watch

Just a quick update.  DSK is under Suicide watch.

Since our worthless media did not explain exactly what that is, the King will have to step in and explain.

When you are on Suicide Watch, they first strip you naked and then have you dress in what is called a Security Smock.

DSK New Outfit....quite dashing

This is designed so that you can’t rip it apart to try to hang yourself.  After DSK was sharply dressed in his new Outfit, he was then put back in his bare cell….no nasty objects that he could possibly harm himself on, like a comb, pencil or a toothbrush.

Then every 15 minutes around the clock he is checked on.  If he is not moving….like perhaps when he is sleeping….he is woken up to prove he is still sucking air.

How you like your new outfit, DSK?  I think the yellow works really good with your complexion.

A Word About Nafissatou Diallo the Victim

She has realized the American Dream.  No matter what happens (except of course if she made the whole thing up) she will be RICH!  Saturday was the luckiest day of her life. Afterall, being raped is an African tradition so she should be used to it by now….and this time she gets to SUE….the American Way.

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