Red States….Here’s Your SIGN

The King of Irony can not allow the likes of Pat Robertson and Reverend Billy Graham to be the only ones that can interpret God’s will.

A little liquid reminder direct from God

Therefore the King makes the following interpretation of the current Midwest Flood Catastrophe and the Tornadoes in Missouri.

 Midwestern Flood and Tornadoes is God’s Retribution for Americas Evil Ways.

If you ever needed a sign…a little karmic teaser….well here it comes, in waves.

Coming at a time when our Rheindeer Armies are engaged on 3 fronts.  While we continue to invade sovereign nations breaking every rule of the Geneva Conventions.  While we urinate away our national treasure chasing phantom ghosts thru out the world. God is saying….”Hold it…you dudes are totally out of control…Perhaps I will send a little reminder of who is really in charge and deliver and little smack down in the form of excessive amounts of water to the predominantly Red States that are the worst offenders, perhaps this will siphon off a little cash that they would just piss away on bombs anyway.”

God's Revenge for an Evil Empire gone Mad with Power

Everyday our Drones head out to destroy America’s enemies and anyone who looks as though they could possibly be enemies.  Without regard to borders and without any accountability; while we support the dictators of the world.

The wheel of Karma turns slowly but surely.

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2 Responses to Red States….Here’s Your SIGN

  1. DavBroChill says:

    good stuff, king. I agree with you, we’re really making some bad decisions as a nation. <— That's one thing, the 2012 republican race.

  2. stace says:

    The Red states didn’t vote for the current president, who has upped the number of drone strikes, increased the number of troops in Afghanistan, and entered another war.

    It’s silly to believe natural disasters have anything to do with political ideology, God, or karma. If they did, then God must really have it in for Japan, for example, or Pakistan and Australia, which have had massive flooding recently.

    It’s also cruel to imply that disaster victims deserved what they got. You are a nasty person to even entertain such a thought, and just because other people do it doesn’t give you an excuse to emulate their behavior, now, does it?

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