Will Osama Bin Laden now be Irrelevant?

Watching the talking skulls on tv this morning echoeing our politicians claiming that now that Osame Bin Laden is allegedly dead, he will have no more significance for Al Queda.

Now that they have killed the head of the snake, everyone will just forget about him and Al Queda will just fade into the distance.

Not So Fast

The King points to another individual in history, who was hated by a segment of society for leading a rebelious group.  Who was an enemy of the State for Treasonous acts and was subsequently executed.  Just like in the case of Osama, all the pundits of the day claimed that now that the head of this terrorist group was executed we won’t hear much from him anymore.

Of course that individual was Jesus and the last time I looked, his followers and his ideas were still going strong!

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