I paid for that jerk to be killed, now I want proof!

I demand to see the entire un-edited video that was shot, I demand to see the scumrab Islamist dog laying in his pool of blood, I demand to see a close up of his headshot with pieces of brain matter covering his face.

Or maybe it never happened?????

Obomba you arrogant worthless jerk!  Why do you think you have the right to deny me what I bought and paid for?

You expect us to believe the  Military??

Are you out of your mind?

I paid for each of those bullets, for each gallon of gas, for the food the Seals ate the morning of the attack…..I demand to see the photos. I demand to see the video.

Cause….I don’t fucking believe your lying asses

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4 Responses to I paid for that jerk to be killed, now I want proof!

  1. phoebe53 says:

    Straight forward, short, sweet and to the point. Well said!

  2. Steven Manning says:

    Obama be shuckin an jivin since he got into the white house.
    I remember standing on 6th Avenue and watching the fiery twin towers burn an indelible image in my mind, I want to juxtapose it with the image of Osama with a bullet in his head because it will make me feel better. I need it! But No, instead there’s an image of our johnson slobbering president who’ll sell my ass out in a New York minute.
    I can’t imagine how pissed off the families of the deceased are.

  3. Doug McKnight says:


    I have a different take on the death of bin Laden if you want to check my opinion out at my link.

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