One Less Scumrab…or?

Well the world was advised by a jubiliant president that our Navy Seals have assinated Osama Bin Laden…….or did they?

If  this is true, it will be the first success the CIA has  had since its inception.

The problem is the source of the info.  Has our glorious military ever issued a press statement that  was not later found out to be nothing but lies?  Don’t we have the Armed Forces only true hero locked up in a prison for exposing the outrageous lies that the Military spins?  And they want us to believe that Osama is dead just on their WORD?  Who is that stupid?

The King heard Diane Feinstein run those overpainted lips about how we have the DNA evidence, what more do we need…..and besides….how about all the little kids that will see the image that are Graphic…..of course they are graphic.  We assinated the dude, shot him in the chest and then delivered the coup detat right in the old beaner.  The King has no problem with that, if it happened, he just wants more, make that some, evidence.

Revising History; I got your fog of war, dangling

Already the revision of history is starting.  Yes, Osama was a hideous individual but I absolutely refuse to believe that he sat on the edge of his bed and presented his chest to be shot.  There is no way that 4 huge helicopters lands outside your window….the sound echoing off of the 18′ perimeter fence must have sounded like the end of the world….and now our military is saying that Osama died without taking up arms.  Bullshit….show me the fucking video you bitches.  I don’t want to hear some lying military spokesperson tell me his highly redacted version of what happened….. which changes every day just show the video.  The King is hip to what they are trying to do and it is called Revising History to suit their propaganda.

Details of the Burial at Sea

The King has learned from his sources the detail of the burial at sea.

Osama’s shrouded corpse was laid on the deck of the aircraft carrier.  It was first coated in 100 pounds of bacon grease, then the 100 sailors whose lottery tickes were chosen lined up in strict military formation and on the captains command…..urinated on the Al Queda headmans remains.  He was then uncermonially dumped into the ocean.

911 and the Wheel of Karma

Maybe now is a good time to reflect on why Osama and his band of Saudi Arabians attacked us in the first place. The King is a huge believer in the wheel of karma.  When you do evil, it tends to come back on you.  This works on a personal level and on a global level as well.

America has been spreading evil in the world for the last 50 years….one failed war after another one attack on a foreign sovereign state after another….you can only do this so long until something comes up and smacks you upside the head.

And God sent Osama as retribution against our evil ways.

It is quite unfortunate that 3000  innocent us civilians had to die….but lets face it, in the scheme of things that is but a drop in the bucket of how many innocents civilians our Democratic Paradise of a Government has murdered over the years.

Irony of the Decade

The irony of all of this is that Osama Bin Laden will go down in history as the greatest military strategist of the last two centuries and perhaps all time.  With just a few dedicated fanatics he manged to fundamentally change our way of life, the way of life of the most powerful country on earth.  No one individual has ever done that.  Long after the war criminals Bush, Chaney and Rumsfeld have been forgotten and Obama just a distant memory…Osama will be right there in all the history books…..evil….yes, but he will definitely be remembered.

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