The Hero and the Traitor

This has been a big week in the lives of two people. Stanley McCrystal the  disgraced military general was cleared of all charges for his acts of treason.

The Traitor

Gee, is that any surprise? In the history of the usa has any upper rank military person ever been convicted of anything?  He is now fully restored to full honors and pension.

So much for the Traitor.

While across town one of America’s true heroes sits, buck naked, in a military prison waiting to go to trial.  Private Manning did the worst thing that the military could possibly imagine anyone doing…..He Exposed The Truth….and the truth is the absolute last thing our military wants us to know.

The Hero

The news for Private Manning is that he is being transferred to a Medium Security Prison where he possibly won’t be tormented by his captors.  He has spent the last year in a horrible military prison where is he constantly abused. It took enormous pressure to get this transfer to happen as they military was loath to release him from their grip.

If there was any justice, and of course the King of Irony realizes that there is none, the scumbag McCrystal and his out of control Drones that have killed god knows how many wedding parties and kids gathering fire wood. should be sitting in that cell….better, he should be hanging from a light pole somewhere in Afghanistan, still smoking.

What Actually Constitutes a War Crime?

How many innocent civilians have tobe  murdered in order to claim a war crime?  This McCrystal was a big instigator of the deadly Drones that have killed hundreds (by the Military’s own admition) of citizens of Pakistan, Afghanistan and soon to come….Libya. However McCrystal still enjoys the full honors and status of a US General….why is he not sitting in the Hague next to Charles Taylor?….they would get along great.

Private Manning did a courageous act that made us all realize what the dishonorable, lying military criminals are doing in our name in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and anywhere else the Military Industrial Complex sees opportunity to market their wares.

Irony of the Week

McCrystal, the war criminal, is cleared of all charges

Manning the hero goes to another prison

And so it goes.

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