Vittorio, How Do You Like Us Now?

Vittorio Arrigono.....still like your scumrab buddies?

Thursday evening, the murder of Italian human rights activist Vittoria Arrigoni, whose mutilated and partially burned body was found in an abandoned Gaza home, hours after a Salafist Muslim group had given Hamas until 5:00 p.m. Friday to release its members before it would kill him, according to Kol Yisrael government radio.

Vittorio worked his entire life helping the people of Gaza.  This is how they repaid his kindness.

Vittorio in Happier Times

Not unlike Gaza itself.  Given over to the Palestenian people so they could show the world how they would build an ideal society….well, we see how that worked out.  Gaza is a complete SEWER, so much corruption so much graft and so much garbage, so much violence.

When Exactly Did You Realize They Were Pigs?

So the question is….when did you realize that the Palestinians are pigs???  When they touched the blow torch to your tender testicles?  Perhaps when they drilled a hole in your right hand? I am wondering if you changed your opinion of your good buddies then?

So the question still begs…Vittorio….How Do You Like Them Now??

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