American Police State Assured

Last month the Supreme Court overturned an award of 14 million dollars given to Mr. Thompson for spending 18 years of his life after being falsely accused of murder.

Turns out the main culprit is this man:

Harry Connick Senior (father of the famous Band Leader and Singer)

This is the Prosecutor who witheld evidence that put a man in prison for 18 years!

The Supreme Court refused to hold him responsible.

This man should not only be put in jail for the rest of his life, he should be paraded thru the streets and beaten sensless by the public.   There is no lower form of life than a Predator Prosecutor…..a child molester is 3 notches above this creep.

Police kill without any consequences, scum like Connick run around putting people in jail to increase their stats.

Where is the supreme court?…..they are right in there with them.

Prosecutors Need to Be Held Accountable

How can there be any justice whatsoever if sleeze balls like Connick are allowed to walk to street and to continue their immoral and criminal acts?

Persistent Rumors

The King of Irony has heard persistent rumors that Harry the Predator Prosecutor has been spotted at the various Gay bars around town and is known for his Homosexual Parties, but this can not be verified by the KOI.

If you needed any more proof of America the Police state….look no further than this case.

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