Pastor Jones and Sapp: True American Heroes

We give a great amount of lip service to freedom of the press and our democratic rights.  Somehow we have allowed the world of Islam to trample all over them.

The Deadly Cartoon Responsible for Hundreds of Deaths

When the Danish cartoonist published his cartoon of Muhamed wearing a bomb in his turbin……the Arab world went nuts.  All the big media outlets here in the US had articles supporting his right to print whatever he wanted

Only Lip Service from Hypocritical US PRess

However none of the newspapers reprinted the cartoon!  Saying that they didn’t want to stir up controversy.  Muslims don’t get a pass in our society.  We make fun and jokes about everyone.  Even South Park wound up being censored by their corporate sponsors….they couldn’t show a likeness of Islams main dude.

Who has the marshmellows?

Now come our true Democratic Heroes Pastor Jones and Pastor Sapp.  They had the nutsack to stand up to these Islamists and say “you burn our flag, we burn your Koran, we are exercising our freedom of expression”……that same freedom that the Establishment Media talks a lot about but in the end are too paranoid to implement.

It is not our problem if a bunch of radical Muslims kill each other in protest.  As far as putting our troops in danger…..they are quite good a riling up the Islamists themselves….ie those great pics of the Iraqis in prison with dog chains on them, the recent spat of souvenir photos of soldiers posing with dead civilians.  Continually killing innocent civilians with their Drones (if that is not a war crime, what is?)

Scumrabs burn American Flag

So, along comes Jones and Sapp and they say “We think Islam is of the Devil and to protest we will burn their Quran” A nice peaceful protest, what is the problem? Their act of burning that book wasn’t even mentioned in the American media……yet it set off a series of protests in Pakistan and Afghanistan that has killed at least 15 people so far!

Well, you showed them!

Is that Jones and Saps fault?  Absolutely not. It is not their problem that these maniacs in Pakistan, Afghanistan will kill each other at the drop of a hat.  After the cartoon was published, the idiots killed 20 or so more people in their riots.  Get a life.

Finally some guys with giant nutsacks

Finally one group of Americans that stands up for our Democratic Freedoms and it is a little obscure church in Florida….go figure.  Where was the NY Times or the Guardian….did they publish the cartoon of Muhamed???  No, they were too scared to. They caved in from  political pressure by the Muslim lobby, while giving lip service to defending the freedom of the press.

Maybe we are overlooking this as a strategy.  Perhaps if we were to desecrate other symbols of Islam the Muslims will be so pissed that they will all kill each other!  Truly a Win Win.

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