Irony of the Week; Clinton

Here it is, your irony of the week.

I saw America’s head witch, Hilary Clinton, on the talk shows Sunday.  She was running those jumbo lips about how Gadaffi and all his cronies will be brought up on war crimes charges by the World Court.

Here is the irony:

This on a day that Gen. Patraus apologised to the afghan people for mistakingly killing 10 of their citizens, this after apologising last week for dissintigrating 9  local boys gathering wood.

Where is the World Court when we need them?  Why isn’t our gang of thugs being brought up on charges…..Obama, Gates and Clinton…..along with the other trifecta of evil, Bush, Rumsfeld and Chaney?

Is the world court only for third world countries?

The answer is the Irony of the Week.

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One Response to Irony of the Week; Clinton

  1. Steven Manning says:

    The cure for all of the Stupidity is obvious: Hollywood should start making christian/muslim films about christian and muslim guys who buddy up to defeat an evil nazi like enemy, Oh and don’t forget a strong female role playing the part of an advisor or perhaps a leader. Coming to your local theater soon!

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