Chris Brown’s Hysterical Breakdown

It was broadly covered in the press and on tv that Chris Brown had a violent outburst after his interview on the Today show where they asked him about his legal problem over beating the shit out of his girlfriend.

He went back to his dressing room after the interview and trashed it.  However what was notreported and is an exclusive for the King of Irony is that after the outburst he descended into an hysterical crying fit, repeatedly calling out for his moma.

“The dude was totally inconsolable, blabbering, snot dripping from his nose…..he even pissed himself”  said a NBC security guard who would like to remain anonymous.

Eventually they did call his Mother and she came, rocked him back and forth a few times, wiped the snot from his nose and got him a change of clothes and got him into his limo and out of there.

Yo Chris….what’s with those crazy tatoos….you look like my junior high school notebook…..they are gonna look really good when you are about 60….gonna look like one big bruise!

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