Charlie Sheen’s Jet Fuel = Nepotism

Charlie Sheen, the star of Two and a Half Men (and what is with that homely looking boy that plays the half?  Not only is he hard to look at but he has zero talent and can not even keep a straight face) has been much in the news lately.  Well documented battles with the network and his wife and now a stage play.

Let us not forget where Carlos came from (his born name was Carlos Escavara) ….son of the famous actor Martin Sheen.

Charlie….do you think you would have gotten that role in Wall Street had your father not been a famous movie star?  If it wasn’t for your dad, you would probably be selling used cars somewhere.

Nepotism is no stranger to the Entertainment industry but that may be changing in the music world.  Since the advent of shows like American Idol…..we get to see people with actuall talent competing.  You daddy can’t help you when you are up on that stage.

If Charlie is the King of Nepotism than the queen would surely be Willow Smith.  This hideous little creature was somehow foisted on us during the Grammys even though she didn’t have any business there.  I am sure her daddy is quite proud of her and has spents hundreds of thousands on dancing and singing lessons. I understand that she will be starring in a new musical version of Orphan Annie… much did that cost Mr. Smith?

What are the odds of Willow winning some kind of national talent contest against other little girls her age?  Not very damn good, I would submit.

Fortunately for little Willow, her daddy, Mr. Smith is one of the biggest players in hollywood, so i guess we can look forward to him pushing his little darling on us for the foreseeable future.


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