Barak Obama and the Midnight Visit from the MIC

Or should I say Barak OBomba a…..what’s up with all those bombs and missiles in Libya?  You used to be such a laid back dude with all your talk against the Afghan and Iraq wars.

Well, I may be able to shed some light on the situation:

The King of Irony, thru his government sources, has been told of a recent midnight get together at the White House.  It seems that 3 Suits from the highest agency of the land…the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) barged in on our glorious president and his lovely wife just as they were getting ready for bed.  They rather succinctly told Michelle to get lost.  The conversation went something like this:

MIC: Barak Barak….you have been pretty good since we straitened you out last time around, shooting off lots of Drones like we asked and doing your part to support Americas’ main business; arms dealing.  However the Afghan war is slowing down and we need new markets, we feel you are missing a great opportunity here…look, the whole world is calling on someone to stop this idiot in Libya….now is your chance to get our undying support….we need to shoot off a minimum of 2 billions dollars worth of product…so get to it man, play the hero…don’t even bother to tell congress, we will smooth it out….bombs away!!! Now get some rest.

The very next morning Operation Odyssey Dawn was born.

Now, the King of Irony likes a dead arab as much as the next guy….but I was under the impression that we were BROKE.  Who put us in charge of every little skirmish and squabble and why are we so quick to piss away billions of dollars in a couple of weeks to bomb the living shit out of some country for some obscure reason? Haven’t we done this before….and how did that work out?? We are now hated around the world, where we were once loved, created enemies that were once friends, but I digress.

Yes, Qaddafi is a hideous egotistical jerk…but I have news for you….it takes a crazy dictator dude to hold those people together.  Look at Iraq…I submit that they were better off under Saddam Hussein than they are now.  Yes, he was a jerk, a murderer….all of that….but when he ran Iraq it worked.  It no longer works physically or politically.

Military Industrial Complex; a well oiled machine

The true reason for all of the above is the MIC. Think about it.  Every Pentagon officer is being groomed by the MIC throut their careers.  When they retire, they go to work for a member of the MIC as a SALESPERSON….so after 50 years or so of this, they have a pretty well placed sales force made up of the highest ranking retired generals and admirals.

They have gotten so good at selling weapons that they need a constant supply of New Markets (places to shoot off their arms).  Libya was a godsend.  The King of Irony predicts that we will spend around 5 billion this month in Libya alone.  The sales staff at Raytheon, Hillburton, Boeing, GE… al should be popping those corks and dancing on the tables.

King of Irony further predicts that Libya will spiral out of control into endless civil war and the world will rue the day they interfered.

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