Hilary Clinton; Can She Tell the Truth?

No Blood Money was paid to get Raymond Davis released.

If you believe that, then I have something I would like to sell you!

Mrs. Clinton repeatedly denies that money changed hands for the release of Davis.  When the entire world knows differently.

Oh sure, the Pakistanis  decided that just killing two of their citizens wasn’t that big a deal (after all hundreds are killed each month by Drone strikes) so what are a couple more?

It is more insulting being lied to by this arrogant US official than the actual truth would be.  Hilary, we know what happened, and sources close to the State Department has told the King of Irony that Hilary was directly involved in the negotiations to pay the Blood Money.

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One Response to Hilary Clinton; Can She Tell the Truth?

  1. ed says:

    Appreciate your commentary…would you mind adding a brief capsule of the story for those of us who do not closely follow power politics & US foriegn strategy?

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