Raymond Davis; Ugliest of Americans

Raymond Davis the CIA Contractor who killed 2 “robbers” has been set free.

The utter diregard for laws of other countries continually amazes the King of Irony.  How Pakistan could release this guy after he defied their internal laws. Just think what would have happened if a Pakistani Inteligence Agent had killed 2 US citizens!  I am sure he would receive more than a couple of months in jail.

The circumstance are still muddy.  How did Davis wind up shooting them in the back? That is usually not a good indicator of self defense.  What was he doing there with all that hi tech gear to begin with.  We will probably never hear the answer to that one.

And hold on…..there was a second embassy official who was supposedly following this Davis who ran over a totally innocent citizen, fled the scene and the embassy won’t even turn him over.  Imagine the Pakistani Embassy trying to pull that here in the US.

The King of Irony has been told by his sources in Pakistan that Raymond Davis spent the last few weeks in a very weakened condition.  He was continually being yelled at and was constantly in fear for his life.  The last week, he was overheard crying out for his Mother in the middle of the night.

This is a perfect example of the Ugly American.  We wonder why we are hated around the world….look no further.  This is just one of many examples of America’s utter disregard for the laws of other countries and it’s citizens.

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One Response to Raymond Davis; Ugliest of Americans

  1. ed says:

    thanks for bringing this to light. I’m sure there is a lot of this sort of behind the scenes “string pulling” going on all the time…business as usual.

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